Award Winning Salsa

Welcome to the Plain Ole Salsa Company. We are a local Texas company who sources our award winning salsa with ingredients from local farmers.

Fresh ingredients.

Here at the Plain Ole Salsa Company we use fresh ingredients. We take great pride in the fact that no ingredient comes out of a can. Our salsas have low sodium and low sugar without sacrificing bold flavor.

Local farmers

We source our produce from local farmers who are the lifeblood of our food industry. These ingredients are bought fresh and immediately transformed into delicious salsas for all to enjoy.


Over ten years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I did a lot of research and quickly found that many of my issues were related to diet. So I changed my diet and went form six medications down to one. Salsa happened to be my “go-to” snack while combatting this disease but there was a problem. I could not find a salsa that was low sodium, low sugar and packed with flavor. So I created several recipes that solved my problem. Then a friend mentioned I should enter these salsas in an international competition called Zestfest. I did. I won. Twice.